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Harron Homes reaps the benefits of multi-utility connections

Harron Homes sell an aspirational lifestyle, building luxury new homes in the north of England. When they asked us to quote for a full multi-utility (gas, water and electric) proposal for their Carlton development in North Yorkshire, we knew we’d have to do sterling work. Our multi-utility quote covered gas, electricity and water connections to 133 plots, including HV-LV, MP-LP, HPPE Water Solution, a Sub Station and a Gas Governor, all to be completed within a three-year timescale.

The challenges

Most developments have one main site entrance, so only require one road crossing. This one was a little more unusual as it had three additional entries, so involved further road crossings and added traffic management. Harron usually deal directly with Yorkshire Water for their water connections, so we had to prove that a full multi-utility lay would be beneficial.

How we helped

Energetics took on the job of liaising with the Highways Department to accommodate the four site entrances. We included sufficient detail to make clear everybody’s responsibilities in the design approval process to ensure the development work could continue at the required pace. Having all the services provided by one company gave clear benefits in terms of organisation, communication and efficiency, which also ensured minimum impact on traffic using the main road.

Harron Homes appreciated having one local contact. Their account manager was their point of contact for everything up until work commenced. Once work on-site began, he handed over to Jon Hall and Steve Nazer, their managers on site. The global coronavirus pandemic, with lockdowns and furloughs, made for a slightly tricky period of communication in May but things were soon back on track as people were allowed to get back to work.

The results

Harron’s build programme is progressing well and has been an excellent introduction to the benefits of multi-utility lays. Having a point of contact on-site provided excellent communication which has helped to ensure their build programme progressed as intended, completing builds on time and getting house buyers into properties in a timely fashion.

“We’ve enjoyed very good communication from both Jon Hall and Steve Nazer, with regular updates on the status of off-site connections, mains laying etc. and have been impressed by their willingness to attend site for progress meetings and their proactive approach with relevant agencies such as Yorkshire Water, Northern Powergrid, Northern Gas Networks etc. Energetics has shown a good understanding of the importance of our timescales and a willingness to work hard to achieve them, sticking to dates given to build a good working relationship with us.”  Services and Adoptions Engineer, Harron Homes

No Obligation Proposal

For a no-obligation proposal and outline design email hello@energetics-uk.com or call us on 03300 587400.

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