Flexibility, Fast, Worked for Tesco Express

Since day one, Energetics’ flexible approach to multi-utility infrastructures and installations has set us apart in the marketplace – and this retail and commercial project for Zoom Developments is the perfect case in point.

The Challenge

Our customer, Zoom Developments, required a multi-utility infrastructure and connections for a two-storey development of six retail and office units. A new substation, LP gas mains infrastructure, statutory water connections – the lot.

So far, so straightforward. However, rather than have the gas installation to the rear of the building as recommended by both Energetics and the incumbent gas company, the customer required that the pipework be located to the front of the building.

The Solution

Whilst this was neither our recommended approach nor the cheapest, we were still keen to find a solution for the customer, custom-designing a utility infrastructure to their specific requirements. The result was a bespoke installation with the gas pipework to the front of the building at first-floor level to supply both the ground floor units and first floor offices. All of which we designed, installed and connected within just 24 weeks – flexibility, fast.

“Working with Energetics proved instrumental in the successful completion and handover of the Tesco Express and Retail Development Project”
David Flanagan, Construction Manager, LM Construction

No Obligation Proposal

For a no-obligation proposal and outline design email hello@energetics-uk.com or call us on 03300 578400.

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