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New Electricity Connections - NERS accredited
We design bespoke electrical distribution networks to Electricity Network Association specifications and standards. This means our designs meet the exact same specification as the Distribution Network Operators (DNO). This extends to designs that will satisfy the delivery of electrical power, ranging from standard low voltage networks through to 33kV primary infrastructure and substations. Our designs are always compliant with the various standards and they are completed by a high calibre engineering department, all with the key competencies required to ensure quality, reliability and best value engineering.

Cable laying (LV, 11kV)

We are accredited to build electricity networks and our operations cover Scotland, the North of England and North Wales. Despite differing specifications and manufacturers of cables across the UK, we have experience in the purchase, installation, testing and commissioning of high-quality power, auxiliary and control LV, HV and EHV cables.

Using our specialist in-house cable installation teams, we are able to offer the complete range of cabling solutions to ensure compliant, high-quality distribution networks utilising both low voltage (LV) power and high voltage (HV) power cabling. Each team is fully trained and equipped to ensure any installation is completed smoothly and efficiently.

Cable jointing

We are able to complete both live and not live cable jointing as part of our own low voltage networks, using a choice of several supplier products. This gives us complete control of connection activities, inclusive of the service to the property.

For 11kV cable jointing, Energetics completes all associated cable works up to the point of connection with the incumbent electricity company. This enables us to install, joint test and pre-commission all 11kV works ready for final connection to make the network live.

Design capabilities up to 33kV

We install cable works up to and including 33kV. Our utility design teams have the expertise to design and authorise electrical designs to 33kV.

Our Design Engineers produce drawings on CAD packages which are issued for approval by customers prior to construction. As part of the electrical design process, we have the in-house expertise to complete protection grading, system fault level calculations, cable sizing, earthing designs, load flow and stability studies.

HV capabilities

We currently complete all low voltage connections to each new development. However, where required, we can apply our skills utilising a modern approach with traditional methods, for HV intake. Our HV Cable Jointers complete all the new installation connection work, apart from the final connection to the incumbent DNO network which we facilitate and manage as part of the whole HV connection process.


We oversee the purchase of all our substations which our engineers install, test and commission in line with Electricity Networks Association specifications and guidelines. In addition, our electrical engineers are responsible for the data capture of substation installation equipment and apparatus.

Generally, our installations will comprise the standard arrangements for unit type close-coupled 500kVa to 1000kVa capacity equipment, which is housed within a bespoke substation building.

Our engineers have successfully installed substations across the North of England, North Wales and Scotland, each of which is bespoke to the requirements of the project. We have also reduced the footprint requirements for larger primary substations thereby maximising land use for development for our customers.


Generally, we specify either 500kVa or 1000kVa close-coupled transformers for our secondary substations. However, bespoke transformers will be purchased and specified for any of our primary installations. Our engineers can offer transformers as free-standing units or as 11kV ring main units and where primary voltages are above 11kV, these will be site-specific ranging in sizes up to 40MVA at 33kV.

Where primary voltages are above 11kV, for ratings between 5 and 160MVA, our teams have the expertise to install transformers at voltage levels up to 132kV.

For LV, we provide fused or ACB distribution cabinets ensuring a bespoke transformer package to the specific project requirements. Where we are required to intake HV, we can mount the circuit breaker directly onto the HV bushings.

Switchgear and switch rooms

These are constructed by Energetics engineers to a specification that ensures operator and general public safety with 24-hour unrestricted access for emergencies. The buildings will vary in size and type depending on the project, and we will always work with our customers to reduce their carbon footprints when locating primary substations. We also understand the need, where possible, to ensure electrical assets are aesthetically pleasing and are sympathetic to the development’s design.

As part of our switchgear and switch rooms build process, we will apply various functionality and protection tests to ensure quality standards, which include:

·         AC pressure

·         CT’s – Ratio, flick tests and mag curves

·         Ductor

·         VT’s – Ratio and polarity

Energetics are able to provide replacement options for projects where switchgear is reaching the end of its design life allowing the site shutdown period to be minimised.

Street Lighting

As part of our overall multi-utility provision, Energetics is fully HERS accredited which means we can connect street lighting where required, to local authority standards.

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