building without gas seminar

Preparing to build without Gas

While the leaders of most nations of the world were attending COP26 in Glasgow, discussing the measures they might undertake towards halting climate change and producing the Glasgow Climate Pact, Energetics took the opportunity to talk to developers and housebuilders about the practicalities of building new developments without gas.
Scotland will be taking the lead in this initiative, with all new homes banned from installing gas and oil boilers from 2024. This rule will apply to the rest of the UK the following year. As the planning and design for developments take some time, it makes sense to explore the options for low-carbon alternatives to ensure, in advance, the right solution is in place.
gas seminarSpeaking to over 220 clients at four seminars in Scotland and the North of England, we delivered what our guests described as “very engaging and interactive” information. With Rendesco, we explained the alternative solutions to gas, giving advice on and promoting Energetics’ offering of a funded Ground Source Heat Pump solution.
We have since held follow-up meetings with a number of the clients that attended the seminars and will be producing a summary presentation brochure and FAQs on the subject.
If you missed these conferences and would like information on alternatives to gas on your development(s), contact us on 03300 587400.

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