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Financial support available to help build your power network for EV charging.

Things to think about when planning to install multiple EV charging points…

Will your power supply support multiple EV charging points?

The number and type of charging points can quickly become an issue, depending on the amount of electric load you have. You will need to think about recent business needs, future requirements and the past use of the premises.

What’s your overall strategy for EV? 

Maybe you want to offer free charging to employees to encourage EV uptake or are looking to electrify a fleet of vehicles. Your needs will determine the amount of power you will require. In fleets where a large number of EVs charge for longer periods of time, a greater number of chargepoints will be required. It’s always better to plan ahead now to avoid additional upgrades in the future. Smart charging can also assist you in reducing energy costs by preferentially charging electric vehicles when lower time-of-use (ToU) tariffs are in effect.

Remember to think ahead…

If electrical capacity limitations are identified, you will need to increase your load on premises from the grid and upgrade your power network, which is where Energetics can help.

To significantly reduce the overall construction costs, Energetics offers financial investment upfront, which we claim back by retaining ownership of the new Electricity Network we build for you.

Call today for a FREE quotation and survey* to determine the power supply and capacity available. This helps to mitigate load variation and load peaks before vehicles or infrastructure are acquired.

*NPG charge for connection offer expenses (POC) which will be chargeable to the client on a pass through basis.

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