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In a recent interview with Construction & Civil Engineering Magazine, Energetics’ Managing Director Craig Boath explained how the company is continuing to build on its exemplary reputation in the design and build of multi-utility networks.

“We offer a financial investment known as an Asset Value to our clients, which reduces their overall contribution for the works required. We can also offer flexible payments terms in line with the client’s programme of work to assist them with cash-flow. We set ourselves apart from the competition in many different ways. For example, we have local depots and direct labour, including designers, legals, projects managers and operational teams throughout the business. We have our own in-house Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPls) which enable us to control and manage the timescales and programme of works. We also
have a single point of contact for our clients pre- and post-contract award, safeguarding ease of communication.”

To read the interview in full and find out more about Energetics’ plans for the future, click on the image below to read more:

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