Foodbank Drive 2020

Energetics Foodbank Donations

Foodbank Drive 2020

Development Manager (Scotland), Luigi Barsotti, is organising another Foodbank Drive this month, for donations to the Hamilton District Foodbank, following previous successful drives.

Our donations helped massively last time and were incredibly valuable to their recipients. Things have obviously become much tougher for us all in 2020 and it’s hard to imagine how hard and stressful it must be for families unable to feed themselves at this time.

We were going to run this till Friday Oct 23rd, block booking the Ground Yellow Meeting Room to use as storage but as the Hamilton District Foodbank is moving premises, they have requested that we host the Foodbank on 17th November, so we’ll continue collecting and storing donations until then.

Their most wanted donation items are non-perishable items, such as tinned fruit, rice, custard, jars of cooking sauces, tins of meat, tomatoes, tuna, veg, potatoes, etc., biscuits, chocolate, jam, diluting juice, coffee and hot chocolate. Toiletries are also very welcome.

There is also a Just Giving link for cash donations (following several requests). Please put “Energetics” in as a reference.

We’re hoping for a big donation from us all again – a fiver added on to your weekly shop will make a massive difference to those worse off!

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