Energetics: In Partnership with Suppliers and Employees

Craig Boath, Energetics Managing Director, along with Denis O Reilly, Associate Director Scotland, have introduced a series of product innovation workshops to Energetics with the aim being to actively encourage employee involvement and engagement when seeking out new ways of improving products, services, processes and efficiencies.

The first of the product innovation workshops formed part of the site safety day, held in January, where operations teams were provided with the opportunity to review new shoring equipment.

The success of this initial employee and supplier event has led to a calendar of workshops, with the February offering being a demonstration of new pipe fittings and materials to a team of engineers and asset inspectors.

The employees invited to the events are encouraged to question and challenge the suppliers and provide honest reviews and feedback to determine if the new products could be implemented into daily working life and what, if any, the benefits and efficiencies would be.

Both Craig and Denis are keen to introduce more events like these, in partnership with suppliers, across the business, as they realise the positive impact this has both with employee engagement and supplier relationships and is yet another initiative positioning Energetics as an industry leader.

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